Why choose SecurityTargets?

We understand the unique needs of startups and SMEs. We can help protect your business by improving its overall security. We use the same tricks the malicious hackers use every day to test your systems and find solutions for it before the bad guys do. We stay on top of the latest technology and security news, and that means we have the most current information on new vulnerabilities, threats, attacks, and new security features.

Will you guarantee that my business is 100% secure?

We can greatly improve the security of your business technology. However to claim that your business will be 100% secure would be dishonest. The truth is that hackers are continually developing new methods to gain access to servers and websites. We do promise to stay on top of the latest trends and do the best we can to protect your business.

What is the connection with iSecur1ty?

iSecur1ty is a non-profit Arabic community of ethical hackers, penetration testers and other security professionals. Founded by the same people who founded SecurityTargets, we believe iSecur1ty is the top security community in the Arabic world and we are proud to sponsor iSecur1ty and its free projects.

My website was hacked. Can SecurityTargets help me?

Yes we can, and in most cases we are able to restore your website in less than 24 hours. To do this, we require full 'root' access to your server. If your website is hosted on a shared server, you should contact your hosting company’s support team and they should help you securing your website.

Do you offer web hosting?

Not at this time. We specialise in meeting the challenges of penetration testing and security.